Product Review : The Makeup Mitty

Reusable makeup remover cloth that lasts! I was sent some Mitty's to try out and so far they're a godsend! This is NOT an ad. Just really excited about it. Almost completely removes the need for cotton rounds and makeup wipes from my personal makeup routine. You can also use them to apply toners, serums…any liquid product really. Easy to clean. I just use my face soap or regular soap.

I recommend having a few so you can have one to use while the other dries. I just hang mine over the soap dispenser. They take a little while to dry. (I left mine out over night and woke up to a dry-as-bone Mitty, ready to use.)

Please watch the video to see how easy all the makeup just wipes off and then rinses clean.


As always, please note that all products reviewed and tested are posted because I truly like them or want to try them. It may not be the best product or solution for you, depending on your skin-type or routine. All opinions are my own and not paid for by the brand.

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Cici AndersenComment