Product Review: First Look at Tatcha's Dewy Skin Creme

Tatcha hosted an amazing event last night in honor of the launch of the Dewy Skin Creme, their newest addition to their treasure trove of skin care.

The creme does not disappoint. It’s leaves a dewy finish to the skin, it’s rich and luxurious, with a very clean and light signature fragrance that makes you feel like you’ve walked through a wildflower laden field on a gorgeous spring day. (Seriously, it smells magical.) Not only. the effects can be felt all day. As I type, my “first go”, sans any makeup or additional products, I’ve been wearing the creme for over 12 hours….and my skin still feels as moisturized as the moment I put it on.
It’s filled with antioxidant-packed Japanese purple rice that delivers a healthy glow. Ideal for dry skin, but can be used on normal skin for those who prefer a richer texture.

I mention this in a quick little video on IGTV, that this kind of moisturizer is not my personal favorite for layering makeup on top of. Because I have quite an oily skin type, I have a feeling this might lead my makeup to slip-n-slide during the day. I’ll have to try it out and update you later… In the meantime, I CAN highly recommend the Tatcha Water Creme moisturizer which has been an absolute favorite for putting on prior to a face of makeup. It leaves no excess oils on the skin, just enough hydration to prime and prep for the day. It’s also extremely refreshing feeling as it goes on.

Got my Aura read at the Tatcha Dewy Skin Creme Launch Party

Got my Aura read at the Tatcha Dewy Skin Creme Launch Party

Now, in case anyone out there is curious about what a Tatcha Skincare party is like: It’s unlike other influencer parties. Tatcha makes it a point to really give artists the chance to get to know and experience the product, ask questions, and get information. Of course, this is all done over delicious cocktails, some tasty hors d’oeuvres, and some fun “experiences” that have been set up for the “creators” and “influencers”. On this particular night, we had our auras read by way of a magical photographic experience, got out faces gilded in gold by professional body painters, and had fun photo-booth experiences set up throughout the very tastefully decorated establishment (which although was transformed into a spectacular event for the evening is probably just an abandoned warehouse in DTLA on most days.)

Tatcha has been a favorite of mine since I was first introduced to them years ago by my friend Dachelle who made me try her rice based skin Polish, a foaming enzyme exfoliator. I have loved them ever since and my skin has only gotten better.

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