Getting More of the Work You *Want*

In this industry there are so many paths you can take: Working at a brick and mortar store or salon, working for a manufacturer or cosmetics line, an FX makeup lab, beauty blogging, editorial styling, or styling hair and faces for film. How do you pick? And once you've picked how do you start? What should you charge? Then what?! Here I impart my story, and some things I have learned so far...

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The Creative Evolution of Lipstick

We have lots to thank the Sumerian civilization for--the invention of the wheel, sail boats, amazing irrigation systems, the concept of the city*  and lastly, lipstick. From 2500 to 1000 BC. the ancient Mesopotami (modern-day Iraq and Kuwait), used pulverized semiprecious stones and jewels to make pastes for beautifying the lips and skin. Dried insects such as the cochineal (used to make carmine), berries, and clay were also used to create pigments and were quite readily available to all as they did not require money nor chemicals to produce. It is said the Sumerian Queen Shub-ad preferred a mixture of crushed red rock and white lead.

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Beauty Travel Essentials

Travel size minis are always useful. Keep'em in your gym bag, the overnight "boyfriend" bag, your purse or even... y'know... travel bag! If you're a pro artist, mini size versions are perfect for set bags or creating neat and organized "actor bags".

Note: I do not get paid to post or promote ANY products whatsoever. These are simply my personal favorite items that I wouldn't leave without!

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Top 5 Cruelty Free Products I Love

Since going cruelty free, I've turned over my personal makeup bag. Here are some go-to's and must have's for your every day makeup look.

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