Date Makeup with Leisure Fan Club aka. Kirby Mekler

After seeing Kirby’s phenomenal Uganda safari pics online, I thought I’d try to snag her while she’s still in town and doll her up for a night on the town. Kirby runs Leisure Fan Club, an inspirational lifestyle and personal travel blog that I’ve been following for some time now. If you’ve got the itch to travel, her pics will put you over the edge and you might just end up buying tickets to a far off country, or a spot on that adventure tour you’ve been meaning to take. Kirby also is a mean chef, so you can catch some amazing vegetarian-friendly recipes on her site as well and impress all your family and friends! Enjoy the video and scroll down for a full list of products used.

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Negative Film Effect with Makeup

Inspired by Arizona artist Kate Rogers, I’ve attempted to paint my face for Negatives. Meaning, when film is exposed in reverse, the colors mimic the actual colors they “should” be in real life. A fun practice in color theory and a real brain twister. It took many “tests” and translating color in different exposures, sometimes quickly running it through an app to get the colors right. Not to mention, thinking inversely about color value.

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Punk Makeup: Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains TUTORIAL

Recently I rediscovered this classic Lou Adler punk rock inspired film and decided to recreate the look. Diane Lane plays a fearless and gutsy Corinne Burns, front woman for the band The Stains along side her sister and her cousin, played by Laura Dern.

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