2019 Pro Kit Reorganizing!!!

The beginning of the year is always kinda quiet in Los Angeles for me, so it’s a great time for me to catch up on those things I’ve been “meaning to do” since LAST January, like de-pot all my lipsticks and neatly place them into re-usable palettes (and recycle the original casings, of course!!)

I’ve also stocked up on a few new skin and makeup goodies as well as gotten some new cases to keep my things in. Check it out in the video above! Links to most of the products and cases I’ve mentioned will be listed in the affiliate links below.

Note: I am not nor have I been sponsored by any brand to give my opinion on their products. I do occasionally receive free products from companies to try and purchase many of these items myself. Affiliate links provided do pay me a commission on your purchases and help support me and my work. All items mentioned are products that I have used on myself or my clients, but I cannot guarantee they will be a good fit for you. Please shop responsibly :)

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